In collaboration with our subsidiary company Somet Integration LTD. Somet Technologies provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of Electical Power, Communication Infrastructures, Control & Management Systems for Data Centers and Critical Sites.


Check out Data Center & Critical Sites solutions:

CONTACT US to learn more on our Data Center solutions. 


Somet Technologies provides a wide protfolio of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for variety of applications.

Our most popular UPS solutions: 

(1) Flywheel UPS - Flywheel UPS systems store energy kinetically rather than chemically which provide a reliable and eco-freindly energy-efficient UPS systems.  

(2) UPS - One Phase - 1-15KVA

(3) UPS - Three Phase - 20-500KVA 

(4) DC UPS 

Data Center Container Solutions

Custom designs modular containerized solutions offer clients self-contained, fully portable and compact solutions.

Our most popular applications: Portable Data Center, Power and Power expansion. 

Batteries Monitoring & Management

System provides continuous monitoring for stand-by battery installations. System is flexible to suit battery model & application, Thermal runaway detection, SNMP integration, and more. Most common features: Nominal Voltage measurement, Impedance measurement, Temperature measurement. 

Data Center Cooling Solutions

Inrow cooling solutions for the low to high density racked IT loads. Available in racks or aisle level configurations.

Designed to maximize the efficieny, capacity of the data center by actively adjust the supply and return of air paths, fan speed and refrigerant flow. Complete solution for the dynamic demands of today's IT enviorements.  

Aisle containment is available for 300mm, 600mm, 750mm wide Netshelter racks, and UPS/PDU.

Inrow cooling solutions available in self-contained, fluid cooled, and air-cooled configuration with or without humidity control. 

Busway Systems

Busway Systems is a flexible, easy to install, highly efficient structured system that safely distributes power for any critical power, industrial or commercial application.

Busway Systems are available in the following configuration:

(1) Three-pole and four-pole

(2) 150% fully rated neutral

(3) 100% rated isolated ground

(4) Full range of Elbows, Cross sections and Tees.

(5) Communication capabilities

(6) Custom finish 

Access Floors

Access Floors provides elevated floor above a solid concrete slab to create a void for the clear passage of mechanical and electrical services.  

In addition, Access Floors can efficiently manage the airflow in the data center which let the customer maximize data center capacity and reduce electrical costs. 

We supply, install and provide service and repairs (Israel only) for a wide range of raised Access Floors.

Cables & Connectors

Somet Technologies provides customized fiber and cooper cables solutions. Our wide range of cables & connectors products assembilies includes : Cat5e, Cat6, 10 Gigabit laser optimized and standard 50 micron multimode, 62.5/125 multimode, singlemode, LC, SC, ST and MTRJ connectors.

Batteries for UPS

Somet Technologies provides a comprehensive and customized range of stored electrical energy solutions. Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

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